Meet the Team

Executive Team

Joey Tominna



San Diego, California

College Attended:

San Diego State University

Degree(s) I've studied:

Bachelor's in Business Administration With An Emphasis In Business Management and a Minor In Psychology

Lessons that work life has taught me:

"If you really want to accomplish something you’ll find a way; if you don’t, you’ll find an excuse."
-A Play On Frank Banks Quote

One of my favorite quotes:

"If you think you can or if you think you can't, you're right"
-Henry Ford

If I could meet anyone, living or dead it be:

God, Albert Einstein, Tony Robbins, & Carlos Slim

My Accomplishments

  • 15 years of executive sales & management experience with an emphasis direct and indirect market development and distribution.
  • Nationally recognized as one of the top leaders in the wireless industry for his work with the leading Carriers, MVNO's, & Payment Processors in Nationwide sales, distribution, and operational development.
  • Amongst Top 3 Boost Mobile distributors in the country for 8 straight years Former President & Principal Partner of Simplicity Wireless
  • Lead the undisputed largest Sprint Master Agent in the country, adding on 180 thousand new subscribers annually.
  • Responsible for developing a National Super ISO, cultivating $120 million in nationwide wireless PIN sales per year.
  • Strengths are in wireless prepaid, sales distribution & management (indirect /direct), branding, market strategy, negotiation, consulting, & organizational leadership.